Were you mis sold an IVA?

Do you feel you were Mis-Sold an IVA? You are not alone!

Were you mis-sold your IVA?

Following a government lead review of the Individual Voluntary Arrangement market, it became apparent a number of individuals were incorrectly advised to enter in to an IVA when there were other more appropriate ways to deal with debt  

If any of the following apply to you, please contact us to see how we can help:

You had no assets at the time i.e. you didn’t own a house or expensive car.

You were told that the IVA was your only option and not given any other options.

You had debts of less than £20,000

Some of your information was changed by the people you were dealing with i.e. they increased your income or reduced your expenditure

You were told it was a government backed scheme

All the IVA fees and expenses were not explained to you

You had a minimal surplus income.

You are struggling to make your IVA payments

There are many other circumstances where an IVA may not be the lost appropriate route and we would be happy to discuss individual circumstances.   

About us

  • We are a specialist firm with over 30 years’ experience in insolvency.
  • We are dedicated to assisting our clients.
  • We have already reviewed a number of IVA documents where there were serious concerns.
  • We can review your IVA and documentation for FREE
  • If appropriate we can arrange to connect you with a lawyer with specialists’ knowledge of bringing this sort of claims.
  • We will assist you with all negotiations with your current IVA provider.

What we will do for you

Review your IVA circumstances for free.

Provide you with our recommendations.

Look to instruct lawyers to take matters forward.

Pursue claim against the Supervisor

Look to recover monies paid to IVA

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